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Sophocles, one of the most influential writers of Ancient Greece
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Oedipus the King

The baby is rescued by a shepherd, who gives him the name of Oedipus (or "swollen foot"). Not having the means to raise the infant, the shepherd gives it to a fellow shepherd from a distant land. This second shepherd carries the baby with him to Corinth. Here Oedipus is raised in the court of the childless King Polybus of Corinth, as if he were his own.

After some years, when Oedipus was a young man, he hears a rumor that he is not the biological son of Polybus and his wife Merope. Very suspicious, and because nobody conforms this hypothesis, he asks the Delphic Oracle whom his parents really are. Instead of giving him a direct answer, the Oracle tells him he is destined to "Mate with his own mother, and shed with his own hands the blood of his own sire." Oedipus leaves Corinth, looking for his true parents, Polybus and Merope.
On the road to Thebes, he meets Laius, but he does not know he is in front of his true father. They start arguing, and the fight finishes with Oedipus murdering Laius. This way a part of the oracle's prophecy is fulfilled. After a while, he arrives to Thebes, kingdom that was kept under the curse of the Sphinx.
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Oedipus the King - Sophocles



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