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Sophocles, one of the most influential writers of Ancient Greece
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The blind prophet, Tiresias, proves that the gods are on Antigone's side and adds that Creon will lose one child, for the crimes of leaving Polyneices unburied and putting Antigone into the earth. Creon gets scared and changes his mind.

But, it is too late, for a change of mind, because after he goes to bury Polynices, finds out Antigone has already hanged herself.
When Creon arrives at the tomb, Haemon attacks him and then kills himself. When the news is reported to her, Creon's wife, Eurydice commits suicide. Before dying, she cursed her husband.
Creon understands he is to be blamed for everything. He remains an empty man and continues to be king. The Chorus closes the play by saying that the gods punished the proud Creon, but punishment brings wisdom.

The historical context, in witch Antigone was written, was one of national tension. Shortly after the play was released, in 440 BC, Sophocles was appointed one of the ten generals to lead a military expedition against Samos Island. But none of this political context was to be detected in Sophocles play.

This is another proof that Sophocles always separated his literary work from his civil activity and political believes. Sophocles is not the only writer interested in Antingone legend. The dramatist Euripides also wrote a play called Antigone, but the play is lost. The story also inspired paintings. A painting by Philostratus shows Antigone, placing the body of Polynices on the funeral pyre. The scene also exists on a sarcophagus in the Villa Pamfili, in Rome.
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