Sophocles The Women of Trachis Feb 17, 2019


Sophocles, one of the most influential writers of Ancient Greece
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The Women of Trachis

Mad about his husband falling for Iole, she uses a love charm on him. She remembers that when she was younger, she had been carried across a river by the centaur Nessus.
During the crossing, Nessus grabbed her, but Heracles shot him with an arrow. With his last breath, he told Deianeira his blood would keep Heracles forever faithful, if she should create a robe with his blood. She does that and sends the robe through Lichas with the strict instructions that only Heracles should wear it, and that it has to be kept in the dark until he puts it on.

But after she sends it, she starts to have a bad feeling about it. She throws some of the left-over material into sunlight and the material reacts like boiling acid.
All that Nessus had told her was a lie. Shortly after she realizes her mistake, her son arrives and tells her Heracles lies dying, due to the robe.

The pain was so big that he even killed Lichas, the deliverer. Deianeira can not suffer the blame her son was putting on her and commits suicide.
Hyllus than understands the real intension of his mother, and explains everything to his dying father, who has been carried to his home in horrible pain. The prophesies are now fulfilled - Heracles was to be killed by someone who was already dead, and he understands his real killer is Nessus.
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The Women of Trachis - Sophocles



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