Interesting Facts

- Sophocles was a very attractive man. As a young boy he performed in a play, naked, with shiny skin 

- Sophocles gave up acting because of his weak voice

- He was the most-awarded writer in the dramatic competitions of ancient Athens

- He had two sons, by two marriages - both became tragedians, but one of them, Iophon, brought a lawsuit against him, in his 90s, saying he was doddered and should hand over his estate to his son. Sophocles read “Oedipus at Colonus” as his defense!

- He was very religious and he transformed his home in worship place for the healing god Asclepius, while a temple was being built. 

- When a gold crown was stolen from the Acropolis, it is said Heracles appeared to Sophocles, in a dream and told him where the object had been taken. 

- It is said he died while reading aloud Antigone