Sophocles Temper

A man of tranquil temperament, with calm disposition – this is how most of the historians describe Sophocles. Further, as the poet Phrynicus writes, Sophocles was one of the most fortunate of mankind for his poetic talent and fame, but also because of the life he had – serene and prosper. 

Plato describes him as rejoicing in his old age at having escaped from the tyranny of sensual passions. 

Sophocles never left Athens, in spite of the numerous invitations he received from many foreign princes. 

Due to his generosity, calm character and sociability, he was deeply appreciated by the community. He also founded a literary club at Athens and always expressed his respect for Aeschylus. Even though there is little information about the relation between the two writers, Sophocles has never showed any jealousy concerning his, so called, rival.